Is your life beautiful?
Do you wish for more beauty? Chasing Beautiful is designed to help you discover true beauty in every area of your life: physical health, wardrobe style, spiritual wholeness, and emotional and relational well-being.

After all, we were created in the image of the most beautiful Being in the universe, God Himself. Shouldn’t we reflect HIs beauty? All of His other creations do. We only need to look around us at the natural world to understand this truth.

Chase Beautiful
I believe we’re designed to chase the beauty that only He can provide. This site was created to help you do just that.

Reflect Beautiful
We reflect the beauty of the Lord when we are physically healthy, when we pay attention to our emotional needs, and when we are at peace with God. And I think it helps women when we can feel good about ourselves as we step out the door in the morning.

Be Beautiful
You’ll find articles, books, and free downloads to help you become more of what you already are: a beautiful creation of God.

I’m also available to come to your organization to speak about and demonstrate beauty alive in you.

Won’t you come chase Beautiful with me?