Discovering Beauty in a Learning Curve

I feel like I’ve gone back to school. Learning to set up a self-hosted website has been a challenge. I decided to do it myself based on the fact that I had set up two free sites before.

I thought, “How hard can this be?”

The answer has proved to be, “Harder than you expected.”

I will say the technical support I’ve received from my hosting network has been wonderful. But there are just some things I’ve had to figure out on my own. With most of the issues solved now, I can look back and see the value, even beauty, in my experience.

  • I conquered a new skill. Because of that, my confidence-o-meter has shot to the top.
  • My prayer life took on a whole new dimension. Every little detail got smothered in prayer. I began each day by taking my website before the Lord and asking for His help. I listed whatever I struggle I faced for that day. I’m still doing that.  (I know, you pray over everything too. I’m talking tiny details here, folks–tiny!)
  • I gained new stories to tell. Just wait, you’ll read some of them. You may not know it, because I’ll set it in a different context, but I plan to tell them.
  • Coaching others who need my new skills looks like fun. This, my friends, is a miracle.

What new skill have you recently learned?

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