Dress 10 Pounds Thinner

Do you want to look shorter and fatter? Of course not! That is, unless you are six feet tall and skinny–but most of us are not. The question then, is how does one manage to look taller and thinner?

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but so is size and height. Seriously. You are in control. Your clothes and accessories tell another person where to look at you. The lines, pattern, and cut of your outfits direct the eyes of those who see you.

I will teach you, beginning with this first post in a 10-part series, how to dress in a way that causes viewers to perceive that you are taller and thinner than you really are.

  1. Fit. This may seem obvious, but your clothes need to fit you. They don’t need to be one size too small, even if the tag displays the “right” number. Numbers mean nothing. I wear a range of about four different sizes because the fit is not the same across brands–or even in the same brand.

We don’t want bulges and wrinkles to show, and they will if a top or dress is too tight. The right fit is one that skims the body.

Conversely, do you know anyone who wears a lot of bulky sweaters or flouncy fabric in an effort to cover up bulges? The end result is a bulkier, fluffier look. The extra fabric looks like extra you.

Take some time this week to do an assessment of your wardrobe for fall/winter. If you discover some items that don’t fit properly, find another home for them. Your closet will thank you. And you can be confident you’ll look your best in what remains.

Photo: Pixabay