Dress 10 Pounds Thinner Part 3

Line is the third strategy for dressing to look thinner. You want the person who sees you to look up and down. When their eyes travel in this manner, the psychological effect is that you appear taller and thinner.

The goal is to create either a straight or a Y-shape vertical line  down the center of your body.

  • Single-Breasted Jackets create a strong center vertical line. A jacket or sweater with a center zipper will also create this effect.

  • Cardigan Sweaters with only the center buttons fastened will create a Y-shape. Wearing a cardigan this way will also create the illusion of a smaller waist. Just be sure not to stretch it so tight it wrinkles and bulges. (See Part 1.)
  • A camisole or other top the same color as your skirt or pants, worn under a contrasting jacket will make you look taller and thinner. This technique creates a center column of color for the viewer’s eye to travel.
  • A jacket or sweater and pants/skirt in the same color with a contrast color top underneath. Again, the viewer will see one swath of color from the floor (with pants) to your shoulders. You will look taller.
  • Untucked Tops and blouses lengthen the appearance of your body. Tunic tops can do this too. *A word of caution for shorter women: beware of a too-long tunic. (See Part 2.) Also, be aware of the overall shape a tunic top gives you. If you’re curvy, this can be a large box. (See Part 2.)

Next time, we’ll discuss color.

Photo: Pixabay