Dress 10 Pounds Thinner Part 4

Color is one of my favorite wardrobe accessories. It is also one of the least well-understood elements of dressing to look thinner.

Do you believe that black is the only color that might help you minimize your size? You’re not alone. Most women I speak with about color in their wardrobes believe it, too.

But did you know there are other colors that can create the illusion of less body mass? The secret is in the way colors absorb light. Black absorbs a lot of light. But there are some others to try.

  • Red absorbs the same amount of light as black. At least, the right shade of red does. True, lipstick red is the winner here. The more yellow undertones a red has, the less light it absorbs. Conversely, the more blue undertones, the more light a red will absorb.

How does one know which reds have yellow undertones, and which have blue? Think about fruit. A strawberry is a lighter version of red. It has some yellow/peachy tones. A cherry is darker red, with more blue.

You can see where this is leading. Darker colors absorb more light.

  • Dark or Navy Blue is another good choice. Even though Royal Blue has some yellow in it, this is still a good, slimming color because it’s dark.
  • Purple works as well. Again, keep to the deeper, darker shades.
  • Pine Green or Teal are other good choices.

Interestingly, brown is not a light-absorbing color. Most browns contain too much yellow.

So don’t be afraid of color. It can be your new best friend.

Photo: Pixabay