Dress 10 Pounds Thinner Part 8

Accessories are not only fun, they can help us with our strategic dressing, too.

Once again, we are working to direct the eye. This means we need to think about each type of accessory, its shape, color, and where we wear it.

  • Earrings are worn in what we call the “impact zone.” This is near the face, where most people look first when they see us. Did you know that the right earring can take pounds off of your face? There was a time when I questioned this statement, so I stood in front of a mirror and tried on different styles. I saw the truth of it staring back at me.

Large, round earrings can look a bit like dinner plates hanging on the side of your face. As you can imagine, the effect is a wide, round face.

Longer, drop earrings give a more lean look. They create a straight vertical line on either side of your face. We discussed the importance of vertical lines in Part 3. The principle works for accessories as well as clothes.

Large, round hoop earrings hang so that what is seen in front is a vertical line. These can be flattering on any face.

  • Necklaces also lie in the impact zone. To draw the eye up toward your eyes, wear a necklace that rests near your collarbone. You can wear a statement necklace if the color contrast of the materials is subtle. High contrast colors will work the same as high contract colors in patterns and present an eye-stopping jolt.

Long chains create a vertical line for the eye to travel. Thin chains, rather than bulky, large beads work like thin vertical stripes. Wearing a Y-necklace also is flattering.

  • Scarves can be an important accessory. Just keep in mind the color and pattern lessons we’ve covered in previous posts. They work for scarf fabric, too.

Also, pay attention to the way a scarf is styled. An infinity scarf will accent the upper part of your body and make it appear more bulky. A small scarf tied like a choker necklace will accent the width of your neck. A long, bulky scarf will make all of your body seem bulkier. A more sheer, or thin fabric scarf tied so long strands hang straight down will be the most flattering style.

  • Bracelets are worn on one of the thinnest parts of the body. Accent this area with stacks of bracelets.
  • Rings also show off slender fingers. If your fingers are shorter, go with an elongated style. Just be sure to keep the length of the ring solidly between two knuckles. Otherwise it can overwhelm your finger and make your hand appear smaller and your fingers a bit stubby.

  • A Broach can be a nice way to add interest around your face. Place one on the lapel of a solid color jacket for instant glamour. You can even wear a broach on a long chain as a necklace. Just thread the chain under the pin bar. This only works if the broach does not have a right-side-up and and upside-down. Or use a broach to secure a small scarf to the shoulder of a dress. Again, this provides interest in the impact zone.

Experiment with your accessories. They can provide glam and shape to an otherwise boring outfit.

All Photos: Pixabay