One Word

Pantone selects a single color each year to be the Color of the Year. This year the designated color is Ultraviolet. The influence of this company is so far-reaching that you’ll see this color show up in clothing fashion, make-up and beauty, and interior design.

I read on Pantone’s website that the pastel version, lilac, will come close to the level of popularity blush pink has enjoyed for the last several years.

How does Pantone determine which color to choose for any given year? They employ social psychology. Lee Eiseman, the Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute,  assesses the mood of the culture, trends she sees as she travels the world, and prospects for change on the horizon. Then she puts this information together with color psychology. Certain colors are supposed to evoke certain emotions and ideas.

The result of her study, and maybe not a little magic fairy dust, is pronouncement of the Color of the Year.

People have been doing something similar with words for many years. They choose a word they believe will characterize the coming year and make it their theme. If you aren’t familiar with this trend, look up “one word” on Google or Pinterest. The list of books and resources is long.

Many factors are included in determining this word. Maybe is it is a word that keeps cropping up in the final months leading up to the new year. Maybe it characterizes a recurring theme in Scripture that a person reads over the course of weeks. Christians will often pray for the Lord to reveal their word.

Last year I chose my first word of the year. It was intentional. I could have chosen obedience because that is what I wanted the result to be. I promised God to follow through on everything He put before me to do.

Wow, what a year 2017 was! Many new opportunities arose, and some of those sent me way outside my comfort zone. One area of intentionality resulted in this new website. Creating it stretched me beyond my imagination.

So here we are in January of another new year. My new word for 2018 is overshadowed. I want my life to be overshadowed by the Holy Spirit. Every idea I pursue needs to be conceived by the Holy Spirit, not dreamed up in my head.

Keeping this word in front of me will help me stay focused on the right things.

Maybe you need to stop worrying so much this year. Your word might be rest. Maybe you sense many opportunities ahead that the Lord can bless. Your word might convey this idea.

Do you already have a One Word for 2018? What are your thoughts on choosing a single word for a year? I’d love you hear what you think. You can click on the title of this post to see a comment box.

And don’t forget to watch for Ultraviolet.

Photo: Pixabay