Dress 10 Pounds Thinner Part 10

Do you want to look thinner without losing weight? Even without changing your wardrobe? You can!

How can this happen? One very simple trick will help you appear thinner.

Improve your posture.

By that I mean stand tall with your shoulders back and tummy tucked in. I promise this can take pounds off your appearance.

I said it was simple, and while it is, there are some things you can do to help it work. Most of us don’t even think about the way we stand or sit. We slouch without being aware we do.

So try this: walk up in front of a full length mirror. Relax and stand sideways. Do your shoulders roll forward? Does your chin jut forward? Does your tummy pooch out? If so, a few tricks can help correct your posture problems.

  • Remember not to sink into your bones. This simply means to use your muscles to support your bones. Here’s an exercise to help you feel what I’m talking about. While standing or sitting, try to touch the ceiling with the top of your head. Reach up using only your neck, chest and shoulders. Now let your head back down.  Did you feel the difference in your muscles?

By training your muscles to stand and sit tall, you’ll avoid sinking into your bones. Some good daily practices to help accomplish this are ballet, Pilates, and yoga. All of these disciplines utilize stretching and strength training. The ultimate result is good posture.

  • Go back to the full length mirror. If your shoulders roll forward, roll them back and down.  They should come into correct alignment. Get into the habit of rolling your shoulders back and down throughout the day. Over time, your muscles will remember what to do on their own.
  • When you roll your shoulders back and down, also pretend your head has a string coming out the top and it is being pulled up toward the ceiling. This will keep your head in proper alignment.

You might feel a little stiff when you first try these moves. But after you gain the correct posture, try to relax while maintaining good alignment. You don’t want to look like a board that’s walking around in your clothes!

No matter how tall you are, using your muscles to stand up with good alignment will make you look more confident and slimmer.

You are beautiful because God made you. His beauty radiates from your eyes. Now walk like you know you’re beautiful. Others will notice and might ask about the change they see in you. This will be the perfect opportunity to tell what Christ has done in your life.

You go, girl!

Illustration: Pixabay