physical + emotional health

Are you wife, mom, chauffeur, cheerleader, chef, and teacher? Does your life wear you out, but you lie awake at night because your brain won’t stop whirling? Our physical and emotional health are intertwined. It really is important to take care of your body so your mind can function.

We can do it with each other. There’s power in sharing our needs and successes. I’ve done the research so you can reap the benefits.

personal style

Nobody wants to look like a hot mess. Do you wonder how to adapt current style trends to your own personality? Do you stand in front of your closet door far too long each morning trying to find something to wear? Do you struggle to choose new items that will go with what you already own?

I offer style tips to help you feel better about yourself when you walk out the door in the mornings. Your friends and co-workers will notice the “new you!”

spiritual wholeness

Power. Confidence. Peace. Do you want these qualities? Me too! The Bible is where we find the keys. If you don’t think God pays attention to you, or that He isn’t pleased with you, come along with me--we’ll discover the truth together.

Let’s grab some coffee, a journal, and a pen--and soak up the beauty of God’s word.

We reflect the beauty of the Lord when we are physically healthy, when we pay attention to our emotional needs, and when we are at peace with Him. Let me help you become more of what you already are: a beautiful creation. After all, you were fashioned by God (Psalm 119:73).

Meet kathryn

Hello, beautiful girl! Not feeling it today? I’ve been there. I’ve been healed both from cancer and from an unusual and painful adolescence.

Let me use my background in the fashion industry, psychology, and Bible teaching to bring the joy and freedom I found in Christ to you--and your girlfriends.

I love playing with color--in fashion, interior design, flowers, and painting. The beauty of God’s creation fascinates me and I want it to infuse every area of my life.


How can I help you?

speaking + events

Your ladies will learn how much God cherishes each of them and will discover His good plans by listening to my story. With plenty of Bible teaching and application, we journey together toward wholeness and beauty. I speak at luncheons and teas, weekend retreats, and workshops.

closet consults + dvtd

Just as our inner self reflects the beauty of Christ, so does our outward appearance. If your closet is your nemesis, a closet consult can help you see what you have--and discover new outfits hiding in plain sight. The secret to completing an outfit is accessories and my years of training with Premier Designs can help you put it all together.

Free style guide

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I am a regular contributor to Magazine. I write about two articles per month, and they usually appear in the Women's or Grandparenting channels on the website. You can search for Kathryn Graves within the magazine and find some of my archived pieces -- or a free subscription will allow you to view new ones as they appear.


Fashion is never static, and neither are our lives.

Every season needs a refresher for our wardrobes and our devotional times. When you sign up for my newsletter, you’ll receive updates on the latest style trends, along with a devotional to help you apply Scripture truth to daily life.

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