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We were created in the image of the most beautiful Being in the universe, God Himself. Shouldn’t we reflect His beauty? My heart is to serve you through the ways that God has uniquely equipped me and help you become more of what you already are: a beautiful creation of God.

Do you ever look in your closet and say, "I don't have anything to wear," when it's full of clothes?

You're not alone. If you want to clean your closet out, but don't know where to start, a closet consult might be for you!

During a closet consult, I'll help you evaluate your current needs, give you tools for sorting, teach you what to eliminate and what to keep, and even help you figure out what to do with the things you need to get rid of. I don't have to come to your house, either! We can do it all using a variety of simple technologies.

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To give you a taste

Watch this video to get a feel for what closet consult is like >>


Premier + DVTD Marketplace

I've been an associate with the company for over fifteen years!

The company was founded on Biblical principles of serving others and meeting needs. With that in mind, Premier is transitioning to DVTD ("Devoted"), a marketplace with a mission. DVTD will be a platform where you can access products from a range of manufacturers who are all in business to support the needs of others.

You can see a catalogue and order through my DVTD website using the button below.